English literature essay prompts

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Horror fiction

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AP English Literature and Composition

The following resources contain the remaining available Free Response Questions and Scoring Guidelines for the AP English Literature and Composition Exam. To access the files below, you need to log into your College Board account.

you can create one by selecting ‘Sign In’ in the header and following the prompts to Sign-Up. The AP English Literature and Composition Exam uses multiple-choice questions and free-response prompts to test students' skills in literary analysis of prose and verse texts.

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AP Literature Open-ended Prompts () Choose a character from a novel or play of recognized literary merit and write an essay in which you (a) briefly describe the standards of the fictional society in which the character exists and (b) show how the character is.

Final Essay Prompts. English literature has produced some of the most well-known written works in the world, and continues to influence literature today.

English literature essay prompts
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